Toronto Public Etiquette Guide



It's tough to get along in the big city so Spacing editor Dylan Reid published the Toronto Public Etiquette Guide. I contributed historical context for a series of whimsical streetcar-riding tips the TTC printed in the 1940s. In book stores everywhere.

Toronto's Questionable Plan to Add a Single Subway Stop

 Robert Taylor/Flickr

Robert Taylor/Flickr

After years of fractious, divisive, and sometimes farcical back-and-forth, Toronto is going to extend its subway system. A look at the story of the Scarborough subway for CityLab, 2016.

Up close with a $2 million model of downtown Toronto

Wealthy former investment fund manager Jean-Louis Brenninkmeijer has poured millions of dollars of his own money into an astonishingly complex scale model of downtown Toronto. TD Centre and First Canadian Place grace the skyline, the Rogers Centre roof folds away just like in real life , even the street furniture is custom made to match. For Toronto Life, an extreme close-up at miniature Toronto.

A close-up look at a ridiculously detailed scale model of Toronto (Toronto Life, 2015)

The insane and incredibly dangerous flight of John Steiner, the first aviator in Toronto

That time a giant gas balloon dazzled Toronto - blogTO, Oct. 13, 2013

The first flying machine to visit Toronto, a hydrogen-filled balloon flown by a German professor, arrived on a northerly wind in August 1859. Little more than a giant cloth sack filled with lighter-than-air gas, aeronaut John H. Steiner was in for a spectacular and terrifying outward journey. 

Winner of the 2014 Heritage Toronto Award of Excellence (Short Publication.)

Meet McLovin' "the subway cat"

Leslie Noel and his pet cat McLovin' have an extremely tight bond—they found each other at their most vulnerable. The pair are famous in Toronto and on the Internet for McLovin's outfits (30 and counting, plus the tie) and their sometimes prickly demeanour. Read their cute (and sad) story at Toronto Life.

What happened to Toronto's pneumatic mail system?


That time Toronto had a system of pneumatic mail tubes - blogTO, Nov. 9, 2013

Decades before email and text messages made communication between city hall and the newsroom a breeze, Toronto Star and Toronto Telegram reporters filed copy via a network of underground vacuum tubes. I explore the aborted plan to bring tube mail to all Toronto and discover where the tunnels used to run.

A trip down private Percy Street reveals a mysterious hidden fortune


What's it like to live on a private street in Toronto? - blogTO, April 24, 2013

A snapshot of life on Percy Street where a residents' collective pays for snow removal, garbage collection, and street maintenance. Tales of bundles of cash hidden inside a ceiling, rum-running and friendly, but ever-watchful, neighbours.